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Per the Official Publicity of Nominations e-mailed to everyone January 12, 2024, the required ten (10) days have been completed to submit any objections to the board members submitted for the 2024-2025 terms. No objections have been received. Therefore, the board members will take office at the regularly scheduled board meeting on February 13, 2024. The new treasurer will be Marinda Lane. We thank everyone for offering to serve and their contact information will be updated on the chamber website and Facebook in the near future.

Chamber members are welcome to attend board meetings held on the second Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. at the Gates County Library. Committees will be forming soon to work on some exciting new projects. When someone from the board contacts you, please volunteer to help if you can. We value your input and ideas to help make this chamber grow. Thank you all.

Chairman Ray Freeman, Special Operations Services, 2024
Vice ChairMarie Allen, 2024
President Ed Mogan, Kellogg Morgan Agency, 2024-2025
Secretary Cheryl Paz, Merrywood Farm, 2024-2025

Suzanne Stallings, The Plant Park, 2024-2025
Cecil Bagley, 2024
John Kittrell, G.P. Kittrell & Son, Inc., 2024-2025
Jackie Bundy, Jubilant Fields, 2024-2025
Temperence Bryant, Tempting Treats and Gifts, 2024-2025
Treasurer - Marinda Lane, Lane Angus Beef, 2024-2025