GITS New Services

Gates County Inter-Regional Transportation System, GITS is excited to announce that the GITS ETS will begin a new more enhanced service on November 3, 2014. Please call 252-357-4487 for more information. The new service will provide an aide for additional assistance to the passenger. The service will provide a more direct route with little or no wait time to seniors 65 years of age or older and persons with disability.

 GITS Enhanced Transportation Service (ETS) will address one of the gaps in services listed in the locally developed, Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan for enhancing public transportation services available. Due to the rural nature of Gates County, the ride to and from medical services may be extremely long. This is true due to the absence of medical specialists and hospitals in Gates County. It is also true because clients are spread out throughout the county in a way that the services needed are sometimes inadequate for clients requiring special accommodations. In many instances seats are still available for riders but the time restraints mandate that we cannot accept additional clients. It also requires that some clients, that may be unable to get up early and get ready are either unable to utilize the services or have to stay all day because their appointments take longer than are the time allotted if they secure trips on the second route to adjourning counties like Hertford County, Elizabeth City and Suffolk, Va. For example elderly, disabled and/or slower moving patients may have longer wait times than we would like. Therefore we are launching this new service to address these additional needs on a trial basis.