Citizen Appointments:

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Board / Committee / Commission  Member Term Expiration 
Albemarle Commission Area Agency on Aging Regional Advisory Council Carrie Gibson October 2025
Albemarle Commission Board of Delegates Elizabeth Hedrick December 2022
Albemarle Regional Health Services Board Peggy Johnston  
Albemarle Regional Library Board of Trustees Helen Eure June 2024
  Marva Bond  June 2022
  Renee Kittrell  June 2022
Trillium Health Resources Northern Regional Board Donna Powell December 2022
College of the Albemarle Board of Trustees
Graham Twine  June 2024
Economic Improvement Council Robert Williams, Sr. September 2024
Gates ABC Board Ronald Taylor September 2026
  Loretta Whitehurst September 2026
  G.P. Kittrell, Jr. September 2026
Gates County Board of Adjustment  Michelle Badgett May 2024
  Timothy Williams May 2024
   Kevin McGinnis June 2025
   Gary Arline June 2025
  Joseph Perry August 2025
  Gilbert Jenkins May 2026
  Elizabeth Hedrick May 2026
Gates Board of Social Services  Brain Rountree Ex Officio
  Renee McGinnis June 2027
Gates County Child Protection & Fatality Team    
Gates County Confederate Monument Committee Debra Lee  
  Betty Hora  
  Robert Hollowell, Jr.   
  Joyce Lassiter  
  Guy Holley  
  Lee Brooks   
  Malcolm Sears, Jr.   
Gates County Emergency Medical Services Board Steven Stallings September 2024
  William "Billy" Winn January 2027
  Doug Lilley December 2026
  Cecil V. Bagley December 2026
Gates County Firefighters' Relief Fund Board Al Hobbs (Hobbsville)  
  Ronald Taylor (Hobbsville)  
  Webster Harrell (Gatesville)  
  Colin Ryan (Gatesville)   
  Billy Felton (Eure)  
  T.C. Vaughn (Eure)  
  Bryan Eure (Sunbury)  
  Daniel Bright (Sunbury)  
  Maryland Harrell (Gates)  
  Ronnie Parker (Gates)  
Gates County Jury Commission  Fannie Langston September 2025
Gates County Library Board Helen Eure May 2024
  Patricia Felton May 2026
  Marva Bond  May 2024
  Melissa Lawrence  May 2029
  Laura Dickerson  May 2026
Gates County Medical Transport Board Ronnie Parker  
  Emily Truman  
Gates County Nursing Home Advisory Committee  Brenda Riddick   March 2023
  Loretta Whitehurst May 2024
Gates County Planning Board Ryan Milteer May 2025
  Larry Eure May 2024
  Perry C. Tyler May 2026
  Brian Silvers May 2026
  Reginald Askew  May 2024
  Christopher Odom May 2026
  Mary Alice Lacey May 2027
Gates Voluntary Agriculture District Advisory Board Vacant  
  Todd Lewis December 2024
Northeastern Workforce Development Board Vernon Brinkley   
Governors Volunteer Award Coordinator Helen Eure  
Senior Tar Heel Legislature Andrea Clark  
  Shirley Grimes- Alternate  


Commissioner and County Manager Appointment:

Board / Committee / Commission   Member 
Albemarle Commission  Linda Hofler
Albemarle Regional Health Services Board of Health  Brian Rountree
Albemarle Regional Solid Waste Management Authority   Scott Sauer
  Jonathan Craddock
Albemarle Resources Conservation and Development Council Scott Sauer
Albemarle Rural Planning Organization TCC Scott Sauer
Albemarle Rural Planning Transportation Advisory Committee Linda Hofler
Board of Equalization and Review Emily Truman
  Dr. Althea Riddick 
  Linda Hofler
  Brian Rountree
 Broadband Action Taskforce Dr. Althea Riddick
  Jonathan Craddock
Trillium Health Resources Northern Regional Board  Brian Rountree
Gates Aging and Adult Services Task Force Dr. Althea Riddick
Gates Board of Social Services  Brian Rountree
Gates County Medical Transport Board  Emily Truman
Gates County Partners for Health  Dr. Althea Riddick 
Gates Inter-Regional Transportation System Board Dr. Althea Riddick 
Juvenile Crime Prevention Council  Scott Sauer
  Brian Rountree
Northeast Workforce Development Board Jonathan Craddock
Perquimans, Chowan, and Gates Landfill Commission  Linda Hofler
  Jonathan Craddock
 WIOA Consortium & Northeast Workforce Dev. Board Jonathan Craddock
Tri-County Animal Shelter  Emily Truman
  Scott Sauer
Gates County Personnel Board Scott Sauer
  Dr. Althea Riddick 
  Jonathan Craddock
Merchants Millpond State Park Advisory Committee TBD